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Marilyn & I slept well with the windows open last night. We awoke later than normal because we were both so worn out. I guess we needed the extra sleep. I built a fire in the fire pit and set up our lounge chairs while Marilyn started the coffee.

We sat in our loungers, mesmerized by the flickering flames from our fire log, sipped our coffee and enjoyed the quiet morning, with only the sound of the birds to break the silence. Marilyn brought out some delicious toast made from the bread baked for us by Paul & Dianne. Thank you guys!

We have one hummingbird which comes around all day drinking from the feeder we set up. A squirrel joined the fun but when we tried to feed him a marshmallow he ran away. That is good because we really don’t believe in feeding the wild animals. We just had a temporary loss of reason. 

After our morning coffee was gone we took a walk to the Visitors Center and back, taking pictures along the way. I will post them for you.

We discovered that we had a weak cell phone signal while at the Visitor Center so we called Jennifer to leave a message for her, that we were safe and sound here in Arkansas.

We will be in Springdale today and will talk to her on the phone. I also hope to find a place to post my journal and read the e-mail.

We have enjoyed the isolation of this remote state park but it will be good to be back to normal cell phone and internet service, not to mention more than one channel on TV. Actually we get several channels of TV but they are all kids channels except for PBS and ABC.

I did manage a fairly good nap yesterday afternoon. Marilyn sat outdoors sunning herself. She asked me later, “How could you sleep with those kids yelling?”

I must have been asleep before the noise began because I didn’t hear them at all, but last night we went to bed, opened the windows, and read for awhile.

Around 10:00 PM we turned off the light and that must have been a signal for the kids to begin screaming. I guess they were playing until 1:30 AM because the noise was non-stop. There was no ranger activity so no one put a stop to these people straight out of “Deliverance”.

We are happy that we will only be here one more night. I must say that this is a wonderful, peaceful place except for the family next door. Thankfully the sites are spaced quite a distance away from one another, and we did close our windows, which blocked most of the noise.

So, I am awake early which is normal, but have had only a few hours of sleep. I suspect a nap may be in the near future for me. 

This morning there is not a sound except for the birds. The silence makes me want to start my truck or something. Just so the neighbors know there are other people here. 

Oh well, I promise to behave.

All in all, yesterday was an ok day, and we just can’t wait to see what adventures this day has in store…..

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