Grandpa's Road Trip 2008 June 27th - August 12th travel blog

Stops on Grandpa's Road Trip

My new daugter with my old son! We love you both and...

These are the stops that I plan to make on my trip this summer. I pick up the coach next Friday June 27th and I will travel to Jackson, MS for the first leg of this incredible trip.

Earlier this summer, I had the boys after Rob and Megan's wedding and Chase told me he was going to learn about all 43 presidents this summer. He knows how many presidents we've had because last summer I kept telling them we've had 43 presidents but only 1 King (Elvis).

I have flash cards with all the president's information as well as flash cards with information on all 50 states. One of my main goals with the boys this summer is to help them learn about history and hopefully generate a spark to love and appreciate this great country we live in.

We've visited Washington DC several times and they have seemed to really enjoy that. This year we were able to visit the Capital building and they seemed to enjoy that.

I'm going to try and finish up on the t-shirts today, I know the boys are looking forward to those.

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