Sinan and Natacha - Our 2005 Trip to Turkey travel blog

The South's biggest mosque in Adana

Sharing Adana Kebab with Hakan and Ferdi

the guys catching up by the lake

Now in Mersin having tantuni

Ferdi and Sinan

Me, Hakan and Ferdi

Monika, Hakan and Ferdi

Awesome tasting Tantuni

Saturday morning we borrowed Mahmut's car and drove two hours east to Adana to meet up with Ferdi and Hakan. We chose to stay off the main roads and drove along the sea coast. Spring is ın the air and the grass is already a lush green. We drove through plains and orange groves, past oil refineries and small villages. As we neared Adana we past the largest American Army base in Turkey, Incirlik. American architecture on the base was easy to recognize. The base could have been in Germany or Holland... they are cookie cutters of each other.

I knew we were in Adana as tall buildings came into view. An incredible mosque flanked our right as shopping centers were on the left. We soon met up with our friends and went to eat some famous "Adana Kebab". I have great pictures that will be updated tomorrow.

We were graciously invited to the homes of Ferdi and Hakan. They picked up some overnight stuff as we drank tea. At Hakan's home, Sinan joked around with Hakan's mother that I was a "stolen woman" (There are many women that are kidnapped and taken to Turkey for Sale every year)... as I couldn't say otherwise...she looked at me funny the whole time we were there as the guys laughed and laughed. Even though they later told her it was a joke...she was still a bit uncertaın and gave me a big hug as we left.

Before leaving town we went to the Seyhan Rıver and took in the incredible views. Picnicers abounded, along with merchants selling dried beans and beer.

Then...We were off to Mersin.

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