Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Took this on the way into Auckland, had to stick it in!...

Me, Alan, Steph and the littleuns - Lauren and Adam.

WEEEEEEEEE! Wikid fun, obviously I didn't want to do it, they 'made'...

Went to visit a guy from work who emigrated in early Sept, Alan and his wife Steph and their two energy pods Lauren and Adam. Had dins but not before the younguns MADE me go on the trampoline! ;o) Gave em a few lessons like how to sit in a puddle and get yer bum wet (Doh!) and a few of my GCSE moves! Also kept them amused with the 'two little dickie birds' trick that my granny did when I was a nipper for all of 3 minutes until it sank in and Lauren realised how to do it, well done Lauren - very impressed! Even yer Mummy needed help! ha ha! ;o)

To Alan and Steph, thanks for a lovely evening - I definately slept well after tryin to keep up with those little tykes!


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