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Yesterday was a sad day as we joined our friends for a wonderful going away breakfast, heard a farewell from Howard & Linda, and then watched friends leave all day. Several small groups showed up at our door to say goodbye.

Marilyn & I discovered that we must have been running on empty for a day or so because we were exhausted and did not accomplish much other than watch golf on TV all afternoon and into the evening.

I finally jumped into the shower,got myself all squeaky clean and put on clean clothing. We then started to walk over to the tent where the remaining rv-dreams family members were gathering. As we walked across the street Kit & Jerry met us and invited us to go for ice cream. OK!

We all had a fine ice cream fix and returned to the campground and the tent where we visited with friends and watched pictures and video of the rally on a screen set up by Chris & Jim.

Around 10:00 PM we said goodnight to our friends and walked back home to go to bed.

We both had a good night of sleep and are getting things ready to move this morning. We are headed to a state park in Arkansas, called Withrow Springs, near Springdale where we will have the RV worked on.

We may not have internet service for the next few days so please check back with us. If we have no service I will continue to write each day in MSword, and will post the entries as soon as possible.

Yesterday was a good day and today we will be back on the road again. I just can't wait to see what adventures this day has in store.....

P.S. Big hugs to all of our rv-dreams family. As Bob Hope used to say, "Thanks for the Memories".

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