2008 Midwest USA travel blog

Some of the crowd at the Fan Zone

Front of Rosenblatt before Game 3, Fresno State beats Rice

FSU takes the field against Miami in Game 5, FSU gets eliminated

Georgia sends Stanford to the loser's bracket in Game 6

Packing them in for Game 8, North Caroline loses to Fresno State

The ESPN Booth

Oh boy, I am having a blast! The College World Series is all that it is cracked up to be. The games are great and the atmosphere is just as ESPN portrays it. They don't have the huge grill that used to smoke things up so much, but you can still smell the food cooking all over the stadium. There are at least 20 different concession stands selling just about any food item you could think of. I have never had to wait in a line over one deep. Wake up Jags, you could take a few lessons here. The prices are high but I guess pretty reasonable for where we are.

So far I have been able to attend seven of the ten games held and Doris and I will see two more tomorrow (Friday) - the final two elimination games to see who goes to the Championship Series. We can't try to get tickets for that series until after the two teams in it are determined. They go on sale 30 minutes after the last team is determined and since there are only about 1,000 reserved seats available, they will be sold out within ten minutes. I plan on having the computer in the car so I can get online immediately after the game. Hopefully, we will be able to snag tickets for those games.

I will post another update after the end of the CWS next Wednesday night.

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