As you enter the National Park Service area, you're greeted by this...

Captain John Smith, Dave and Jordan

Pocohontas, known by her Christian name Rebecca meets our Rebecca

The Virginia Company charter commanded that they "Give Thanks to God" upon...

After a day of resting from their long flight and getting used to the southern heat, eastern time zone and exploring the resort, we set off in search for Jamestowne. It is the first permanent English in the new world. We found out alot of interesting information. First, WE ARRIVED 401 yrs, 1 month after the three ships arrived on the James River. Having set sail on December 20th 1606 under the command of Captain Christopher Newport, three ships God Speed, Susan Constant and Discovery landed and disgourged their 104 men and boys on May 13, 1607 to begin a new colony under the charter from the Virginia Company of London. So you see, thirteen years before pilgrims landed at Plymouth on the Mayflower, this group of 104 as well as crew of 39, traveled the 4 1/2 months to establish a settlement on the banks of the James River. On their journey, they discovered that disease and death were far easier to find than the promise of paradise and gold promoted in England.

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