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We had good weather for the drive from the Finger Lakes region to Milford, just outside of Cooperstown, NY. More farms and rolling hills, which we enjoy. Our campground was about 5 miles outside of Cooperstown and had lots of wooded trails which Ollie really enjoyed. You can see in the photo how much he enjoys traveling.

We drove into Cooperstown and just walked the streets. As you might imagine, there are baseball-oriented shops everywhere. We stopped to take photos of two of our favorite t-shirts. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind what we think of Barry Bonds' claim to the title of Home Run King!

We took a drive through town and stopped alongside Otsego Lake to take a photo and look at some of the homes overlooking the lake; they are huge - and pretty spendy. We spent a day visiting The Farmers' Museum, one of the country's oldest rural history museums, with over 23,000 tools and artifacts. It contains a village and working farm, circa 1845, with interpretive exhibits of blacksmithing, medicinal treatments, weaving, cooking and printing. Chris especially enjoyed visiting the Pharmacy with its garden of medicinal herbs. The "doctor" explained the uses of various plants and flowers and was responsible for planting and tending his garden. Dave really enjoyed visiting the Printing Office where the master printer explained and demonstrated how newspapers and flyers were printed. The actual building was built in Middlefield, NY in 1829 and one of the printing presses still in use dates from the 1840s.

The farmstead is a working farm with sheep, goats, cows, turkeys, horses. Meals are cooked in the fireplace using cast iron dutch ovens, etc., as was done in the 1840s. We stopped to watch a woman who was spinning flax into yarn. We got to talking and found out that her great-grandfather was an Olmstead! We are looking to find out what the relationship might be as Dave's grandfather was originally from New York. Even if there is no relationship there, what a small world this is!

The visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame will have its own journal entry.

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