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If you look in the dip in the rocks you can see...


Rottnest - the harbour

Maybe we should have got some of these bikes instead

The jetty at Rottnest

Rottnest peacock

On the way back to Perth we saw a paraglider

Frigid meets the Voodoo High Priestess at The Shed

Today we didn't oversleep. We got up just after 6, and left the house at about 7 to catch the ferry to Rottnest Island which is just across from Fremantle. We were a bit annoyed as the ferry was supposed to leave at 8:45 but didn't actually go until about 9:10 and we had to change boats at Fremantle, but other than that it was ok. I slept through most of it, although the boys saw dolphins at one point.

It was a lovely sunny day, and the boys wanted to hire bikes, as we'd heard it was nice to cycle round the island. Despite my hatred of bikes I agreed to it. When you lined the three bikes up there was quite a difference in saddle heights. We grabbed some food from a bakery and set off.

We saw a quokka quite early on. Unfortunately I didn't realise this would be the only one I saw, so I didn't take a photo! They're a bit like a big hamster I suppose, and they have a pouch for babies just like kangaroos.

What no one tells you about Rottnest is that it's great for cycling IF YOU LIKE HILLS. It was so hilly. I was exhausted. I'm afraid I didn't get further than Porpoise Beach. Trev got fed up and whizzed off on his own and went round the whole island. Anyway, I was tired and cross and hot, and we weren't getting very far so after Porpoise Beach Justin and I went back. There is a bus that takes you round the island so if we ever go back I think we'll catch that instead. Rottnest is really pretty but I think we needed more time there - we only had just over 4 hours.

Then we got the ferry back, and were told we were going to be chased and boarded as some sort of river police training exercise. We were very excited about that, but it never happened, and no one explained why, so pretty disappointing.

After getting spectacularly lost, bickering, and being very tired we found the Brass Monkey where we'd agreed to meet Jerry. It's quite a nice pub and we had a few beers there. They had a sort of screen on the wall that showed you people walking past on the other side - I did a video of Trev dancing behind it so i'll upload that soon. I don't think anyone else really understood what it did though because Trev and I both went and did silly things behind it, but no one else bothered. Or maybe they're more sensible.

Then we went to The Shed. It was funny because they stamp your arm with something as you go in, and tonight it was "bugger me". So now I've got that on my arm and it won't come off. Wonder what the Singapore passport controllers will think of that. Also, Trev wasn't allowed in as he was "too casual" in shorts, so he asked the bouncer if jeans and a shirt would be ok. When the bouncer said yes he said "ok where can I change" - he'd packed them in his bag! The bouncer found that quite amusing and pointed out a car park so Trev went and changed and then was allowed in. The welcomer was a lovely lady called "Fru Fru Meringue" (pronounced mer-in-goo) who had her photo taken with Frigid. She said she's the Voodoo High Priestess and is quite excited about being on Frigid's website. We really liked the Shed - it had sport, beer, live music. It was just a really nice outdoor pub. I'd recommend it if you visit Perth. Just make sure you bring a change of clothes if you're wearing shorts.

I managed to get the boys to the kebab shop and into a cab and we made it home in one piece. Phew. Flying to Singapore tomorrow (well, actually at 1am Sunday morning - so won't be getting much sleep)

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