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The St Croix River looking down to where it meets the Miss.

These poor kids must be freezing

Looking at the boats in Wisconsin

One of our favorite marinas.. The boats are all covered

Picnic area at the marina

Max is in the middle


Peter and Max

The Mom (Cynthia)

Cino with long time friend Judy.. She came all the way from...

Peanuts statues all around St Paul

Harriet Island.. These are some of the boats that travel down to...

Riding along the river

Today started out nice and sunny… It looked beautiful but looks can be deceiving.    The  wind was so strong that it made the high 60’s feel cold.After drinking all of the coffee in our pot at home, we headed out to get some Caribou… After all, we won’t be able to have that for much longer so we don’t co by many places that have it without stopping… Our destination was another of the Regional Parks not too far from Lake Elmo…. Well it turned out to be 17 miles from Lake Elmo but is it ever a nice park….   The campground has electric and water and the sites are huge with lots of  space between lots….  We thought we would check it out because this year we have been disappointed with the Lake Elmo Campground….  They do a beautiful job with the park itself but they sure aren’t doing a good job at the modern campground…   This it the  time we have been here this year and the grass is so long and lots of weeds that we have to walk through to get to our house….  It is also loaded with wood ticks and with the grass that long we can’t help but get some on us…    We really liked the St Croix Park but after checking it out carefully, we decided that we would love to Camp  there for a few days but when we are at Lake Elmo we aren’t really there for the camping but more for the family and appointments etc…   I guess we will just have to cope with the long grass at Lake Elmo to be close to the things we want to see and do…..  While there, we checked out the boat launch and beach ?.......  The river is the National Scenic St Croix River and it joins the Mighty Mississippi just a short jaunt downstream…  We couldn’t believe it when we got to what is called the beach and found a Mom with her four children… All of the children were in the water swimming… I almost froze just watching them… We wouldn’t even try to wade in that cold water, let alone swim in it….But I’ll bet I would have when I was their age ..…We drove along the scenic route all the way back and made several more stops along to way to see more of the river….. With the wind so strong today, there were not a whole lot of boats going up and down but if it had been calmer, this area would be packed with boats of all kind….  It is a very popular and beautiful place….We stopped for a light lunch on the way home at a place we had never tried before… It is called The Machine Shed and they advertise that they are a restaurant honoring the American Farmer…. They started in the 70’s in Iowa and now have about eight restaurants in the Mid-West….  Cute place and great food….. We got home in time to take a little rest before we went to the graduation party for two of the grandkids….. Peter graduated from George Washington University in May and his younger brother Max finished high school last week from St Paul Academy….   Peter starts his new job on Monday although he worked there all last summer and they liked him enough to offer him a permanent job when he finished school….. Since he really the enjoyed working there, he accepted it…. We know that he will do great and the company is lucky to get him….  Max will be leaving for Boston University in August where he will be playing soccer…… Max is a goalie and Watch Out all of you East Coast Collages…..   Just a couple more days and we will be starting on our next journey so this is last entry we will post on The Beginning Journal….. Our next post will be on the one titled Newfoundland….   To get there, just look in the upper right corner and look for the drop down option called Newfoundland….   Or if you would rather have a link go to

We’ll see you at there……… 

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