2008 Midwest USA travel blog

Site 12, Offutt AFB FamCamp

We arrived here yesterday, late in the afternoon and they had kept a site for us so we are here for two weeks now. It is a nice campground on the base lake but the campsites themselves do not have lake views except for a few.

We went into Omaha today to look around at what was available around Rosenblatt Stadium. About all I learned on that trip was to avoid that area in a car at all costs! I knew that the Henry Doorly Zoo was next to the stadium but what was going on outside Rosenblatt made Monkey Island look like a precision drill team - AND THE GAMES DON'T EVEN START UNTIL TOMORROW!!!! I think we will take the shuttle and put up with the time delays.

We also drove around Omaha a little just to explore the area. It is not laid out near as well as OKC so it is harder to find your way. The GPS unit is a huge help there. We tried to go to a couple of the better known steakhouses (Piccolo's and Gorats) but they neither opened until 5:00 p.m. and we didn't want to wait that long so we settled for a Sizzler. It was OK but not what you are looking for in an Omaha steakhouse. :-(

Tomorrow is the first day of the College World Series with FSU meeting Stanford at 1:00 p.m. and Miami playing Georgia at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are tough to come by so I may wind up watching the first four games on TV but I already have tickets for games 5-12 so we will see those games at the stadium.

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