Jane and Terry - Around the World 21st May '04 to 20th April '05 travel blog

Petronos Towers - KL


Grand Prix in Malaysia (KL)

Alonso - winner!

How cool do we look ?...........

Mosque in KL

Petronas Towers - KL

More monkeys outside a cave temple

Towers again...

Towers at night

KL skyline from skytower


Cricket ground / square

Jet display before Grand Prix

Malaysian Grand Prix

JG: Nice city, quite western.

Petronas Towers (tallest buildings in the world) are amazing! very very cool.

Grand Prix, superb day! very hot and shame that the guy who started first ended first (yawn yawn!). Some great drama too. Started off supporting Jenson Button but he was out on 3rd lap and there was a very exciting crash between Webber and some other driver!

Always said I'd enjoy it live! trust me to enjoy one of the most expensive spectating sports!!! hahah Also great airshow and vintage car parade oh yeah Status Quo were playing afterwards didn't stay for that bit (funny enough!)

TS: Really liked KL. Feels very safe, and don't get hassled by the locals. Some great bars as well near the twin towers. Petronas Towers very impressive to look at. Went up the Skytower for great views of the KL skyline. At long last......managed to get to my first ever F1 Grand Prix. Found out about it about 3wks ago and managed to change our itinery slightly to make it. Meant accomodation was VERY expensive, but worth it. Had a fantastic day. Baking hot but luckily we had upgraded to a 'covered area'. Great race. But confusing when they starting having pitstops trying to work out who was winning etc, as couldn't see any TV screens, but didn't matter. Few beers in trendy bars in evenings. Booked train to get to Thailand.

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