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Isn't this a beautiful bird

Here we go on our walk

Lots of beautiful Oak trees

This is one of the cross country ski paths

Home sweet home

Lots of golfers today

The grill inside

It was too windy to sit out here

Bill found a Beer from Minnesota that he hasn't seen in a...

A Minneapolis Icon

Golfers and Geese


The Mississippi is really full


The view fromour back window

One more

Here we go again… I let too many days go by without telling you about them and now I have a whole bunch again… My time is limited right now so I will just show you some pictures of our two day stay at the Bunker Hill Campground in Coon Rapids…Bunker Hill is part of the Anoka County Park system and is in the same neighborhood that we used to live in so we know the area well…. We moved there on Sunday so as to be close to our Dr. office… Bill had a 9 am appointment to get his me39ds refilled for the next year and it is horrible driving across town during the Minneapolis rush hour… We love the park and being that the weekend was over, we had great choices of our campsite… We chose # 15 which is our favorite.. Why, you ask? Well it’s simple… The trees are far enough away that we can get both good internet and TV signal… Ha Ha.It is also a very nice setting and backing in is a breeze…When Bill returned from his appointment we both were ready to go for a nice long walk… The park has miles and miles of paved trails for bicycles and walkers and along side of this path is the cross country ski trail that is so great during the long winter months…. We took the camera with and I got a few nice pictures…Following our walk, we jumped into the truck and went about two miles to the golf course…. This course for many years is where the Seniors played the US Sr. Open and is still a very nice course…. The eighteen hole back course is as good as it gets for the good golfers and the course in the front is a nine hole that is always full of young beginners… They have a wonderful youth program there and usually hold the State Junior Tournament there…When we arrived the place was full… We found out that there was a special outing for the Credit Unions in the area and they were still lots of them teeing off… We went into the grill and had lunch while we watched them… FunWe can’t be in the area without me wanting to go to the Mississippi River and this time was no exception… Wow is the river ever high… All the snow and rain that Minnesota has had this year really shows up in the rivers and 10,000 lakes… Later…

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