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I am going to use the facilities at this hotel, especially as it cost me $120! So a hearty breakfast of Special K and a low-fat muffin! What happened to the English breakfast that’s what I want to know!

The weather here is very changeable. First I load up my bike and I am perspiring when I leave the hotel. It’s getting hotter and hotter but if I keep my speed up to say, 90kms then its OK.

The drive back through the Keys is pleasant and I feel I can feel the change in the feel. Does that make sense? Like, each Key is different; each Key is a different state, a different country, a different planet. I move from a Spanish flair to American.

So when I leave the last key, Key Largo, I find myself going from a two lane highway of 55kms/hour to ten lane highway and everyone doing about 130kms/hr.

I had made a slight miscalculation. I am planning to pay a visit to a cousin that I haven’t seen in 53 years! Well, I was thinking he lives in Daytona Beach – no Mark its Delray Beach. Anyway, no big deal so I have holed up in Dania Beach, just south of Delray Beach.

And this place, oh my, what a very strange place it is. The receptionist, Morris (one would think with a name Morris that there is a slight sense of humour but alas no). I ask him “What’s ‘appenin” and no response. Maybe he thinks I am taking the piss. With a name Morris, who wouldn’t?

So I check in and drive around to my room. I start to unload and I hear, “Great looking bike” coming from the second floor, “Wanna sell it?”

She is Black, frisky and looking for action. I mean, from me? Give me a break. She starts chatting me up and tells me she is 20 – yes, sure – like I am stupid!

She wants to ‘go party’, “What room is you in?” (She’s from Atlanta, Georgia). “Oh, let me see – I’m an ‘old guy’ and I forget, I think is 160. And no, I am not it 160!

“See ya later”, she says. “Sure”, says I and make a run to my room as she scares the living shit outta me!

I have only ridden about four hours today (about 300kms) but my poor cheeks are getting sore. I don’t know why this has just started to happen as everything has been going A-OK and I haven’t been riding too far each day. Mind you, I did do over 600 kms from Crystal River to South Miami a couple of days ago.

So here I am just north of Miami where I have previously been to in a past life. When I came home from a business trip years ago, my six year old son asked, “How was your ami”. “What son?” says I. “You went to see your ami daddy?”

I still didn’t tumble but then I realized that he thought that I went to see a relative – My Ami. Cherished moments – only for me.

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