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Eliana and Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Drew and Sharon

I have finally started my trip, after weeks of looking forward to getting out of town. I have safely made it up to South Carolina where my sister Sharon lives. Mom and I traveled up yesterday - it was a fairly uneventful trip. The only hick-up - Mom was driving after Atlanta and I was sleeping. She woke me when she noticed that my car was on empty. EEKKKK!! I used my GPS to find the next gas station (10 miles away). I put 18.3 gallons in my car. I have never ever put more than 17 gallons in my car. (And I used to be the queen of running out of gas - I can proudly say that since I bought the Altima, I have not run out of gas) So we were really low. But we are now here -- I will probably stay for a couple weeks- but mom is going back home this weekend.

Today -- Elizabeth and I bought rachets to put up my hammock. In the shade - how nice on a hot day. Then Elizabeth went swimming in the kiddie pool and she had lots of fun!!! So the trip has started out well. :)

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