Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Ok, in just a minute - I'm going to chuck soap down... goes..

...bluble blubbblublbelbelb...


A GEEZA and a GEYSER! He he he!

UGGH! The stink! Imagine the worst stomach ache in the world, then...

A stinky yellow cave..

..HA, narration made easy!

..This is calld the devils palette, all the weird colours etc..

...the Opal Pool, named after its green colour.

..weird rock formations..

... a waterfall that looks like the global dumpin ground for portaloo's!

Crystallised sulphur..

Oyster pool...

This is a mix of gold, silver, mercury, sulphur, arsenic, thallium and...

Puke pond!

Free face packs!

Rainbow trout - loads of em..

..macro strikes again, this time on a lateral fondril from a tree...

AWW, this duck made such a cute sound, got him on video...

..more fish..

Loads trout, SIZE of em!?

A lizard.

Kermits cousin.

Went to a park where there's a geyser. Basically at 10:15 everyday they chuck a couple of bars of soap into it to break the surface tension on the cold water sitting on the top down below. After about 3 minutes LOADS of suds start pouring out of the top, then they gain a bit of force and start makin little leaps out of the hole and then eventually it just starts to rise as one gentle jet of water and gets higher and higher until it reaches around 25 ft.

I actually thought it was gonna just explode into the air like a water canon but that isn't the case. I guess if they didn't release the pressure every day it might be a bit more dramatic but I dunno, just guessing.

Anyway, then made our way over to these geothermal lakes, all red and green and yellow etc. But the main thing you notice is that it STINKS! Oh my GOD does it stink! Bad eggs that have been left in the sun! UGH! Took about an hour and a half to wander round and by the end of it you can pretty much TASTE sulphur! ugh!

To finish the day we went to another wildlife thingy that has Kiwi's! Saw one in its nocturnal hut runnin around diggin its beak down into the ground lookin for food - well cute. Had a really weird run, as if it had just let rip and was trying to escape without anyone noticing! Saw more trout pools and mucked about with the macro again!


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