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We finished our various appointments in Moncton and said our goodbyes to our neighbours and headed for Ottawa on June 5th. Our first stop was the Irving Big Stop at St. Andre in New Brunswick. Our second night was at Camping Alouette along Highway 20 just before Montreal. It is a really nice campground and they had a separate garage to wash motorhomes in - Carolyn, I found one! But I didn't wash the rig:-) It looked like it would rain the next day so there was no point (and it did). We'd stay there again anytime. It's too bad there isn't as nice a campground in the Ottawa area (at least none that we know of).

We've been pretty busy since our return to the Ottawa area, sending out changes of address and doing things like getting Ontario driver's licences and new plates. The weather has been hot and muggy since we got back. Tonight is pretty nice as we had a rain storm a little while ago and it seems to have brought in a bit of cooler air which will make sleeping a little easier.

We got a nice e-mail from readers we met in Apache Junction last winter, Maryann and Bill. It was nice to hear from them. Our plan was to visit them in Oklahoma on the way back this spring but we decided to take a more southerly route to take advantage of the warmer weather so weren't able to take advantage of their offer of hospitality. I'm sure we'll run into them again. This rv'ing lifestyle creates lots of opportunities to cross paths with people you've met before.

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