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We had no intention of going to this place but we had a few reccomendations and booked the bus there !

In Lencois we were staying in a really nice place called Pousada dos Duendes. It was a bit outside town but the rooms were nice and had mosquito nets and balcony with hammocks on. There was also a nice communal area with relaxing music playing at all times and a travel agency attached. They also cooked us a meal on the first night for a measly R$7 each !!

Lencois is a mountainside town with dirt tracks, low shanty town looking housing and surrounded by lush greenery, rivers and mountains.

We booked onto a one day tour with our Pousada, where we first stopped at a cave. There were around 250 caves in the area and the one we went to was pretty good. We had to scrabble through the cave, through small gaps at times (at least for Nick !) and there were lots of stalagmite and stalactite formations as well as columns. There were also rock formations on a lot of the ceilings, one which looked like Jesus ! After the cave we took a short hike to the top of a peak (morro do Pai Inacio) which gave a great view of the area. Next was a watering hole at the bottom of a 25m waterfall. We went for a swim in the red/ brown clear water. This colour is obtained from a high amount of Iron in the water. The guide also showed us the presence of small red rocks which are a good indication that diamonds can be found in the same area. The national park is called Chapada Diamantina and the whole area used to be a diamond mining area.

We went to a Thai restaurant two nights in a row as the food was pretty damn good and we still had cravings for Thai food. We met two Australian girls who we had dinner with and who were on our tour. We also met a couple who we took spanish lessons with in Bs As.

We also explored the area around Lencois, visiting a natural water slide in the morning (where we went for a swim) and in the afternoon Nick took a hike up to some more watering holes and waterfalls but it was just too hot so he had to turn back. Monica was the sensible one and chilled out in the shade in a hammock back at the Pousada !

We both liked Lencois and wished we could spend more time there, unfortunately we had to get a bus back to Salvador after only two nights there.


Dinner: Cozinha Aberta (small intimate restaurant with only four tables. Small but delicious choice of food).

Lunch: Gaia Lancheonete Natural (great sandwiches and healthy wholesome food). Vegetarian

Pousada dos Duendes - Really cool laid back place with nice clean rooms and friendly people

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