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view from our room ! shanty town of Salvador

The drum beats of Olodum

The heart of Pelourinho

We didn´t have any accomodation booked in Salvador so we got dropped off in Pelourinho and had a look around. We checked on one place but they were downright rude to us so we left. We found a place nearby which was very basic and not too cheap but we took it. It seems that all accomodation in the Pelourinho area is expensive and not of a high quality. However it is a safe area which is why most travellers stay there.

We went to a Candomble which is an african ceremony to honour the gods. The drums beat and the women dance around in traditional dresses. Slowly, one by one they fall into a trance and are ´possessed´ by the gods. It is a long affair and we did not stay until the end (we stayed three hours and there was still an hour and a half to go !), although it was an experience to see it.

We looked around Pelourinho and it has cobbled streets with nice colonial buildings but there is always someone trying to hassle you or give you small ribbons which they call ´presentes´and then they ask you for money !!

Tuesday nights and Saturday nights are busy and we were there for a tuesday night. There were bands in the main ´Jesus´ square and a drumming band going around the streets. Lots of small bars spilled on to the streets and we quickly got into the rythm of things !

One night we went to see a Capoeira show at Fundaçáo Mestre Bimba school. It was an amazing demonstration of the brasilian martial art which was developed by the slaves and then adapted into a dance. The moves that they do are so quick and precise, kicks and punches finishing mm´s from the opponents body. Also the summersaults and acrobatics were phenomenal, and they also took turns to play the drums and sing all the way through. We were well impressed !!!

We looked around the Mercado Moderno but were not impressed (touristy) and to be honest, overall we were not impressed with Salvador. It is too hyped up as a town, and you get disapointed when you get there. We will remember it for the Capoeira and a tuesday night out !!!

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