Roam China 2008 travel blog

What is nice about this trip is that we leave at reasonable times. It was 9am before we left for a 3 hour private bus rid through the city to Gubeikou town- The Great Wall. Our introduction was " This part of the wall is really tough, with the original wall at parts incline so steep you have your hands on the step in front of you and is 10 km's to Simatai. Once on the wall there is no going back". We all though oh my! I tells ya... this was the hardest thing I have ever done! It took more than fours hours... at times we went over 103 steps straight up sometimes with no side wall. I am definately over my fear of heights. But how awesome´╝üAnd what an achievement! We were buggered and hot in 34 degree heat but we all did it. And we finished with a flying fox ride over the river, down to our hostel. I later found out this wall was built in 770 BC (and by the looks of some it it I believe that). we actually had to walk along pathways off the wall at times with steep drops to the valley below. EEEK! Crazily this wall is 5000 km's long. We only walked 30 towers of hundreds. We are all very proud. Oh and to boot after a much needed shower for our tired and sore muscles.. we laid down to bed as hard as the wall we walked! We were going to get up at 4am for a sunrise walk.... not a chance!

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