Roam China 2008 travel blog

The Lama Temple is Beijings most colourful Temple an the most renowned Buddhist Temple outsid eof Tibet. Built in 1691 it was home to the Emporer and converted into the Lama Temple in 1744. It is made up of Han Mongolian and Manchu architecture and very peaceful. Many known Lama's studied here. We then headed via subway to Silk Road to check out the markets. Oh my... 5 floors of shopping! I was in heaven. I saw a sporty D&G bag but was told it was 1250 yuan! That's about $200! Well, being the bargain queen I ended up getting them down to 100 Yuan or $15. And rightly so! Poor Leah was harassed and frazzled and the guys were getting a bit annoyed. The women all say "you buy you buy... how much...". They grab your arms and stand in your way. this you have to laugh off and be cheecky too...

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