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Well, we boarded our bus at Foz de IGUAƇU at 17:30 pm and it was a nice bus.

Comfy seats that recline and with convincing legroom capacity we made our way out of the City into the countryside.

About 3 minutes later we stopped for some unknown reason and then we went on again.


If , like me, you have a problem sleeping on any form of transport then you get to see how many times a bus can stop on a 12 hour journey.

The 12 hour journey became 16 hours and we stopped in some weird places.

Anyhow, the scenery through the Gaucho (cowboy) countryside was very nice and even reminded me a bit of England.

Dales and hills.

We arrived in a rainy Porto Alegre and found a cheap hotel which served us well.

We decided that there was'nt much happening so we are now in a free internet spot provided by Cibernarium (cultural thing!) and about to tour the islands around the City.

Porto Alegre is on the biggest freshwater lagoon in Brazil and is the main port for beef exports.

After our little boat ride we are moving up the coast to Canela in the Serra Mountains which is apparently like a Swiss mountain town.

Two National Parks await us around Canela so lot's more photos on their way.


Tim and Nix

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