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It has been a very frustrating last two days for me and I just have to tell you about it… I mentioned before that the fan in my computer burnt out and it kept on overheating and shutting itself off…. Well I temporary solved it by buying a stand that had two fans and setting my laptop above it… It helped some but it still keeps overheating… I was told that one day I just wouldn’t be able to restart it so I called the manufacturer to see what I could do…. Well nothing according to Gateway because the computer was 16 months old and they can only help if it is under a year… They gave me the name of a place that sells parts and I called it only to find out that they only carry parts for desk top computers… OK, I’ll take it back to Best Buy where I bought it… Well not really where I bought it because that was down in Ocala, FL and I am in Minnesota, but at least it was Best Buy… They thought they could help me by sending my laptop in to a service center and after about two weeks I could expect it back after paying unknown $$$..... Well, the $$$ I expected but can you imaging me without a computer for two weeks??? Unheard of as well as we are leaving in a week for Canada….

Well the only solution was to buy a new laptop… I found a nice little Toshiba on sale that looked like it had everything I would want, only to find while I was doing the set up, that there wasn’t a word processor on it except for Office ’07. They had a 90 day trial and then I would have to pay more big bucks.......Now I used that software for way too many years when I was working, and I don’t need the Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Outlook express or any of those things anymore.. I won’t pay that just to get a word processor… Course, it is a word processor that I write my journey in and then transfer it to our website so I really NEED the processor…

I stayed up late last night trying everything I could think of and finally found an old program of Office ’03….. I had tried to load this on my last computer but at that time it was not compatible with Vista so I forgot all about it….. In my desperation this time I tried it again and low and behold, it works just fine…. I have Excel, Power Point and all the things I don’t need but at least this time I didn’t have to pay extra…..

I am still having trouble of coping from my old to new computer and I have spent way too many hours on it so I decided to put the old one away for awhile and try again later… The only problem with that though is…. The pictures I took at Jacob’s graduation are on the old computer and I can’t show you them yet…. I will though ASAP.

This morning we had to pack up again and cross town to the North West Side…. We are at the Anoka County Camp Ground…. This is the one that is very close to our old house and we know it well…. It is also very close to our Clinic where Bill has a 9:00 appointment tomorrow morning… We moved over here so we wouldn’t have to go thru the Metro during rush hour’s again with the Tana behind us…… Everything worked just fine as we drove across town today and the landing gears worked when we set up again....

We will be leaving here in one week for our journey North so very soon I will be changing over to our Newfoundland journal and tell you all about what we do to leave the Country for three months… There is lots of prep work…. Later ……………….

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