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Official Seal on the Liquor!

A tough watch!


Malcolm with two feet on Libyan soil for about 10 minutes







Benghazi and Beyond!

We arrived outside the port of Benghazi about 5pm and Lars radioed the harbour master and after a while a tug came out to escort us in. Quite a large harbour with about two ships and very little activity. The local people were very friendly and tried hard to be helpful.

Then several different officials came on board, as well as the shipping agent and the tour guide to clear us into Libya and to give us visas. The first thing they did was ask if we had any liquor on board. We did have some so that was all put in one place and sealed until we left Libya.

Then a problem! Through a misunderstanding, between Lars and the agent, he did not realize we needed the page of our passport officially translated into Arabic prior to our arrival. We did not have this so we could not get off the boat. They recommended sailing to Tripoli and seeing if we could get that done there so we set sail for Tripoli the next morning, another 3 days sail to the west.

As we were nearing Tripoli the agent was able to make contact. He informed Lars that there was no way we would get in at Tripoli either and suggested we sail for Malta and get the correct paperwork and sail back. That is now what we are doing. We arrive in Malta tomorrow after sailing for a week.

The first move is to break the seal on the liquor and put a few beers in the fridge!

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