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Paige and I unwisely decided to rent a car for our last couple of days in San Sebastian, thinking it would be nice to check out more of Basque Country, including France. So we picked up the rental, and we even paid an extra fee for a GPS (we fell in love with the one Laura loaned us in the Algarve), but this one (Jane, as we like to call her), was a little slow and so we definitely had some moments. However, the land we explored was so incredibly beautiful, I especially loved the parts of France we visited, such lovely beaches and kind people. Oh, and did I mention the food? Best tomato I have ever had in my life. And you think, what is so great about a tomato, but this tomato was so delicious. Words do not describe. And the cheese! Yes, we will be going back there.

We mosly just explored the beach towns, stopping to eat, take pictures and breathe the french air. Very nice. We also stopped in a little town called Hondarribia (if the spelling is wrong, you can blame Paige). It was so cool! Of course, Jane took us to the city center, which we should have known better, because it was straight uphill on a narrow street. We drove straight into the old walled city and explored. It was such a cool little town, wish we had more time.

After a couple of days, we drove the car to Bilbao, for our big flight to London. I made a vow that it was the last car I drive in Europe. We'll see!

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