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showering in a parking garage


we got the hell out of Rehoboth Beach thank goodness!!! (sorry mom)

we slept in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn and i woke early to find that we were a block away from the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

we had a free continental breakfast provided by our friends at the hotel followed by an entire day of walking around the boardwalk, Asher playing guitar and singing observational things while walking past people on the beach, and sitting in the hot van eating chips and salsa.

it turned out to be senior week in Ocean City which basically means that all the trashy dudes and dudettes with their trashy tattoos walk around for a week getting piss drunk and smoking trashy cigarettes.

it was like freshman year all over again as all the bros called us fags and we tried not to beat the crap out of them... we resisted the urge and the wonderful thing about road trips is that you can always leave and go somewhere else.

we took a mystical shower and jon set out towards North Carolina through the night while i slept in the back.

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