Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

A mummy lion...


AHHH! Ickle puddy tats!

Ultra cute!

Soooooo cool - really playful and nibbling your hand al lthe time....

..still cute...



An ear shot!

Look at those big soppy eyes, give it a couple of years...

Zzzzzzzzz! Awwww! =)))

...Sorry hun, I'm already attached to sweet little kanagaroo from Perth!

..You turnin me down? I wore my best hooves specially!!

A bird eating out of my hand, no change there then! HA...

A rainbow trout - bout 2 feet long but you cant tell...

Funky bambi, got the same hair style as me!!

Want this pond in my garden, so nice!

A fondril from a tree fern. Thought it looked cool so I...

Cool walk through the forest..

...just got snappy happy!

Arty farty..

Fern steps..

Last one!

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I cuddled lion cubs!! Watched the big buggers rip bits of meat apart first and then we were lead round to a big enclosure with these to big furballs that were only 4 months old!

Had a good play and then had a wander round the park, saw pigs, bambi style deer and some really nice greenery - lots to get stuck into with my macro!

Off to see a Geeeeza tomorrow! (Geyser!)


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