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Gates of the Mountain

Can you see the passage?

Coyete stalking

Missouri River

Missori River again!

Our second day in the Helena area was to drive north and follow the Missouri River. Our first stop was a place called the Gates of the Mountains. On 19 July 1805 Meriweather Lewis wrote in his journal about the high cliffs and hidden passage of the Missouri River. He wrote “I called it the gates of the rocky mountains”. When you look from the shore you cannot easily find the entrance to the passage through the high cliffs – the land just blends together.

From the Gateway to the Mountains we then took the recreation road which ran along the side of the Mississippi. The river wandered through hills and cliffs. Wildlife was seen on the river banks – a coyete was seen stalking some Canadian Geese. There was also plenty of fishermen fishing the river. A lovely drive before we returned to Helena on the interstate.

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