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Balloon Launch At Roamer's Retreat In 2007

Betty's Hairdo (Done In Branson)

Roamer's Retreat Campsite

June 3rd, Getting to Pennsylvania Dutch Country

We left Charleroi, PA about 7:00 Tuesday morning on I-70. We spotted a Cracker Barrel restaurant shortly and stopped for breakfast. We knew we would be joining 76, the turnpike shortly and wanted to eat before we got on. Once we were on the turnpike the food and gas were in service areas. The gas was Sunoco and regular was running at $4.01 for quite a while. We didn’t need gas then, and by lunch time it was down to $3.98, so we stopped for lunch and got gas then. I only bought 10 gallons because I knew that would get us to our destination and we hoped gas prices might be lower once we left the turnpike.

When we arrived at Lancaster and got on the Lincoln Highway (US-30) we stopped at the Old Mill Stream Campground to check on their price for a week’s stay. We entered the office and I asked the lady for her weekly rate. She said “We don’t have a weekly rate.” I then asked about a Good Sam discount. She replied “We don’t give any discounts. The rate is $41 a day or $287 for the week. Betty quickly said “That’s too much, we’re leaving!” and we did.

We then continued on to Roamer’s Retreat 7 miles down the road in Kinzers, PA. The people there were much nicer and figured out all the ways they could give us discounts. We decided to stay eight days, so they gave us their weekly rate which is one day free. They also used our CampClub USA membership to give us half price for three days. Finally they used our Good Sam Membership to give us 10% off the rest of the days. We ended up getting 8 days for $216 instead of 7 days for $287. We stayed here last year and enjoyed the campground. This is the one where I took pictures of the balloon launch last year,

When we got settled in the campground we talked about the long drive from Missouri and the gas prices we encountered. We decided we didn’t want to go back to Branson after Rhode Island, so we won’t be going back to Texas now either. After our time in RI, we will probably travel south toward home and will stop for a while in Pigeon Forge, TN on the way.

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