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Outside Tysons Corner

In Tysons Corner

Actually, I am staying at the Arlington-Fairfax Elks lodge in Fairfax, VA. It isn’t too far from DC & just a few miles from the Dunn Loring Metro Station. For those that know the area, I am not far from Tysons Corner, Vienna & Reston.

The SHORT trip that should have taken around 4 hours ended up over 8.5 hours! Nothing bad happened to Dagney, just mostly bad weather & HORRIBLE traffic.

It started when I missed the turn off from I 76 to I 70 which took me on an additional 45-minute journey through some absolutely BEAUTIFUL farm land country on a little 2-lane road, 1 each way. It might not have been that bad but I followed the GPS directions to recover. Believe me when I say I got some LONG stares from the locals as I drove through their LITTLE towns or by their farmhouses!

When I FINALLY got back on I 70, it wasn’t too long before I ran into the problem of I 70 East highway being completely closed (for some reason) at the I 70 E / I 40 S intersect. The backup was over 3-miles long & took well over an hour to get through. While that was happening, it rained like I have never seen before with winds that were scary. Thank goodness we were driving less than 5 miles an hour! I later found out later that they called it a severe weather storm or possibly a small tornado.

The traffic never totally cleared from there & that was about 50 miles from the DC area. All the traffic lights were out of order when I got a little closer & there was now commuter traffic to deal with, which added to the traffic congestion. I try not to bad mouth an area’s driving habits; but no one here seems to understand the concept of treating an intersection as a 4-way stop when the traffic light doesn’t work. Those poor people that were trying to cross any major road!

As I drove just outside Tysons Corner, there were many downed trees along the road – see photos. That’s when I began to realize that the weather had been much worse than I thought. And when I FINALLY got to the Lodge & checked in, I found out there had been a number of tornadoes in the area & over 250,000 people were without power. It was dinner night at the Lodge with a LOT of people there & the bar was PACKED! They said it was probably because no one had power in the area.

Anyway, I set up Dagney; turned on the TV to find there were still tornado warnings in the area until 8 PM. The weatherman said to watch the weather & if the winds picked up to get into a safe area until they subsided. I WENT BACK TO THE LODGE & had some sodas to be safe! It rained like the dickens while I was there but nothing too dangerous.

Oh well, I am back in Dagney now & the rain seems to have slowed considerably. I have my weather radio on just in case the weather gets bad again during the night.


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