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Sara relaxing on the beach

The not so sandy beach!

Monday 26th

We had to wake up early for our transfer to the harbour to catch our ferry to Samos. Samos is a small Greek Island, just off the coast of Turkey.

We had to clear immigration, because of course we were leaving and entering another country. It was strange doing it at a Port rather than an airport!

Our 8.30 a.m ferry to Samos, ended up being a 9:30 am ferry, after it took ages to clear immigration.

It took about 2 hours to get to Samos on a small tug boat! No luxurious yacht, catamaran or cruise liner for us. A tug boat. Well that’s what it looked like anyway ;-) Well, at least it got us there safely and we didn’t have to row or bail out water at any time. (not that we saw anyway)

We arrived in Samos at about 11:30 a.m and found our way to the car rental office.

After working out how we were going to jam our 3 large bags and 3 small bags and ourselves in the tiny little rent-a-car, we were on our way to find the hotel.

It was so funny watching Shayne concentrate really hard on driving. He did do well though; it must be hard driving on the right side of the road – or is that the wrong side of the road?

After going around and around the narrow little streets of Samos that all look the same, we found our hotel. We’d probably been past it about 10 times already; we just hadn’t seen it.

We spent the afternoon driving around the island and found ourselves at a lovely beach that hardly anyone was at. So, we pulled up a few deck chairs and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

We went in the water for a quick dip but it was really hard to navigate our way to the water. There is no soft, yellow sand to dig your toes into; only hard, hot pebbles! So, you have to wear your thongs all the way to the waters edge (that is, if you’re a woos like me – some are brave). But, once you’re in the water, the small pebbles turn into massive pebbles and it is really hard to stand in the water. And the water was freezing!!

We watched some experts later and realised that we had our technique all wrong. Apparently, you run along the hot pebbles (with bare feet), and when you get to the waters edge, you take a massive jump and dive into the water about 3 metres from the shoreline. This means that you miss all the large pebbles in the shallows. Unfortunately this technique means that you get very wet before realising that the water is very cold!

Tuesday 27th

Sara had a sleep in and Shayne and I went for a drive along the coast. We stopped at a café with beautiful views overlooking the ocean and the beach.

We returned our rental car in the morning and spent a few hours by the pool before catching our afternoon flight to Athens.

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