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Monday June 2…11:00pm

No problems last night. Got on the road fairly early, and made it to Lindsey’s place about 11:00am. She had said she might not be home yet, so we got ourselves settled in her driveway. Justin had the landlord drop off a load of gravel so he had levelled out some potholes…it was nice and smooth now. In fact, because the upstairs of the house is vacant, it’s a real nice spot to park a motorhome!

Ruth and Lindsey did some grocery shopping in the afternoon, while I puttered around with the motorhome. Then they made hamburgers and I cooked them on Lindsey and Justins new BBQ. After supper we went for a long walk and had a Gelato Italian ice cream before picking up Justin at his evening job.

Groceries are expensive in Nova Scotia! A gallon (4 litres) of milk was $7.11…!!! We were used to paying $4.79 in Ottawa, and $3.00 or less in the US. In fact, it seems that everything is a bit pricey here except for housing. Gas is selling for $1.399 a litre. ($5.29 a gallon US).

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…225

June Fuel $ 0

June Grocery $ 117.98

June Overnight Costs $ 0

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