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One of the motor-trikes

How about that sidecar?

Another trike

A campground scene

More trikes

Still another one

Yet another

Now that's a fuel tank!

Aren't they nice!

My neighbor on his trike

Carl & Ed trying to catch up with the ladies

Street scene at The Landing

Another street scene

The trolley

The River

Carl & Linda

Marilyn & Ed

A Fountain

Water show

Add the fire

Site #94 at ABC

Another view of site #94

Still one more

Two of the Cabins

Pool next to the office

Front porch of the office

One more trike

Yesterday we awoke to the sound of thunder and heavy rain on the roof. We dozed off once again after that but I soon awoke and got out of bed to write the journal. The rain had stopped but our lawn furniture got a pretty good soaking. The chair seats were full of water. Once the sun came out though, it didn't take long for the chairs to dry completely.

Yesterday was our 46th wedding anniversary and we had made some plans but changed our minds and just hung out here at the campground.

Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice and coffee. That was excellent and we lingered over coffee, just talking and enjoying some relaxation. We are beginning to get back into that "RV" mode and enjoy doing things outdoors.

We took a walk around the campground, looking at all the motor-trikes here. They are holding a rally and some of the riders we have spoken to say there will be more than 350 trikes before it is over. Some of them are quite unique and I will post some pictures for you.

Once back at the RV, both of us got into the cleaning mode. I stowed things in the basement and unloaded the truck bed so that I could re-install the bed cover.

Marilyn cleaned the inside of the RV and I helped by making the bed. :)

We had a phone call from my sister in Frederick, Maryland, and one from Howard & Linda Payne, who will arrive here on Friday morning. I also took the time to call my nephew, Danny, who is a brother to John. John is the Special Ops soldier who was seriously injured in an accident just before deploying to Iraq for the 4th time.

I spoke with John and he is in good spirits. He has been up walking around in spite of having his back broken in two places, and a concussion. He says that he can't lay around and get lazy. :) His biggest concern was not being able to deploy with his buddies. I want to thank all of you who had John in your prayers. He is one of America's finest!

In the afternoon, Marilyn & I sat outdoors under the shade of our awning, enjoying a glass of wine, before returning inside to shower and get dressed to go out for dinner with Carl & Linda.

We left at 4:30 to drive downtown to old Branson, which is really the newest part of the place, having been totally re-built into a wonderful area along the river called "The Landing".

We walked around taking pictures and will post some of those so that you can see this really nice place. A special note to Jeff: Here are some of the pictures we promised you!

After walking around the Landing we decided to have dinner at the Texas Land and Cattle Company steak house.

Dinner was just fine but we had no room left for their peach bread pudding which looked great. The waiter even told us that it is served with four forks, trying to entice us to get at least one order of that delicious dessert.

After dinner we wandered around some more, allowing our lovely brides to purchase a few bargains at the Bath & Body Works. Later we decided to get an iced coffee and watch the water and fire show. The dancing fountains with music and the flames which are part of it were wonderful. It was great to see everyone standing respectfully when the National Anthem was played at the beginning of the show. I will also post a few pictures of that, so you will have quite a few pictures today.

We returned to the campground in time to catch the last part of the "Bachelorette" show and the premier of the new "Mole" show on ABC.

I went to bed after that, watched a bit of the news, and then fell asleep.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with many fun things. Today is an unknown but you know me, I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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