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Taxi ride from Guayquill to Montanita!

Chuckie asleep in our hammock

Wipe out on the left (our favorite place to eat) Insomniac cafe...

The main street in Montanita during the day! at night, it does...

Well, we made it!!! We landed in Guayaquil after a quick 1 hour 4O minute flight from Panama City! Once we got through customs and picked up our baggage, we headed out the front door where there were a TON of people standing around, including a young man with a sign that said ¨Chuck Largind¨ :) So we followed him to his taxi and we started the CRAZY 2 hour drive here to Montanita! The people drive like mad men here! And every other truck we met had about 1O-15 men standing in the back of it! And there were motorcycles everywhere and people honked their horns like there was no tomorrow! Once again, I fell asleep, while Chuckie was stuck in the front seat talking to our driver who didn´t understand a lick of English! It is soooooo great to be here after a 36 hour train ride, a 55 minute bus ride, and 3 flights that probably all together took 1O hours (not including the 6 hour lay over) So needless to say, we are so greatful to be here! and Montanita is great! It´s this wonderfully funky little hippy beach town where the music never stops and the food is GREAT! It´s perfect for me and Chuckie! Our hostal is right on the ocean. We could probably throw a rock from our balcony hammock to the ocean when it´s high tide! And yes, I am rubbing it in when I say ¨our hammock on the balcony!¨ :) which is right above our pool and hot tub! It´s been great so far! Today we signed up to take Spanish lessons! I´m really excited! It´ll be so nice to be able to understand what everyone is saying! We have class every day this week from 8am to noon! so by the end of the week, we should be Hablan Español! :) We met alot of neat people today at the place locally known as ¨the gringo hang out¨ It´s a little coffee shop called Insomnia Cafe owned by a guy from LA. So needless to say, we fit right in! It was nice to understand what everyone was saying! It´s also kind of nice because it´s on the end of the stip kinda on the outside of town. This place gets pretty loud and crazy at night! Tons of street vendors selling beautiful handmade jewelry, food vendors, fire twirlers, cabana style restaurants with no walls and thatched roofs, and dogs! :) lots of dogs! But it´s a great little surfing town with a super relaxed vibe. Which is just what we needed after the insanely long trip here! When we were walking around today in search of Spanish classes, we ran into a guy from New Zealand named Waz. Now a local to Montanita. And he showed us around some property that was for sale, and showed us the hostal/school he´s building (which is actually where we will be staying for the rest of the week) and we walked down this long dirt road filled with all kinds of cool stuff! We saw about 5 different kinds of butterflies, a baby chic running around, and an entire flock of lovebirds! (Jamie, you need to get another one, cuz according to this guy, they need a mate!) Oh, and we also saw a spider that was about the size of my face! Pretty scary! Everywhere we go the people say hello (or hola) or wave, or even come up and shake your hand and kiss your cheek! They are just such friendly happy people! And we are definantly not the only gringos who have discovered this South American secret! We´ve already met 2 people from Washington, a couple from Colorado, and we are staying right next to a guy from Juneau, who we actually just got done eating dinner with. We are having a blast and meeting lots of interesting people! But we better get to bed for now! We´ve got school in la manaña! :) Hope all is well with everyone! We will put up pictures later!

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