Happy Trailer's Alaska Journey 2008 travel blog

Birch Bay TTN

All set up

Desirae has a new dress

What do you think, Sadie? (her sister in Virginia)

In line for customs

View while waiting in line


A cove near us

A heron at the state park

A female Northern Shoveler??

Canada on the background

Part of a rookery- eagle's visit causing a stir- Alaska Teaser

We are having a rather blustery day today here in Ninichik, so it is a good day to do indoor things. Sometimes you just have to catch up on everyday things, and it's my turn to have dinner, though everyone makes something to go along. We have some great cooks among us,and we eat well.

Our next stop on our journey (getting back to the blog) is Birch Bay TTN in Blaine, Washington. Since this is our last stop in the lower forty-eight states until our return trip, we used it to stock up on a few things and make sure the vehicles had oil changes and were in top shape. We also prepared for customs by using up produce items like apples and potatoes which they don't want you to take into Canada. We were hoping for an easy crossing, but kept hearing stories of extremely detailed inspections.

We arrived and got settled in the early afternoon and after looking around a bit we decided that we were hungry for some good Chinese food. We asked the park ranger where a good place was and he told us the nearest and best was six miles away in Canada, that he went there often. That sounded good to us, so we all got in Mike's truck with our passports and headed to the border. It was busy, but moving, so we waited our turn with appetites increasing. To make a long story short, I guess they just couldn't understand why a group of six with a Florida license plate were having dinner in Canada and then returning to the states. So we were pulled aside and indiviually inspected, as was the truck. An hour later, we were allowed to go to dinner and by then we were so famished we could have eaten anything. It was a good dinner and we had an uneventful return trip to the USA. That didn't make us feel really comfortable anticipating taking our RVs into Canada, but you will have to wait until the next episode to hear about that.

The Blaine area is beautiful and we had a great time investigating everything. There were so many places along the way that we would have enjoyed lingering much longer, and other places that we would like to have seen, but our schedule had its limits. So after our time was up in Blaine, we said goodbye to the USA for awhile....

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