Class A, these are the "bus" or the "land yacht" type can...

Class B coaches are small van conversions still with all the conveniences.

Class C coaches are mid-size and can be very liveable, this C...

5th wheels can be luxurious, distinguished by the hitch and overhang fitting...

Travel Trailer, typical and THE most popular camper on the road.

A new version of the 40's and 50's version of the "teardrop"...

You have to have any one of the aforementioned RV's to come...

This BLOG is read by many people strapped to their desks, or cooped up at home and traveling vicariously with us. It occurred to us that many don't have a knowledge base of the different types of RV's. So we'd like to show you some pics the various types and explain them alittle for your edification! So here goes.

First we'll break RV's into TWO main groups; motorized and towable.

Motorized RV's are further broken into three subgroups: Class A, Class B and Class C.

Class A is the "bus" or land yacht type, they can have a gas powered engine upfront under the driver/passenger seats OR a deisel engine in the rear under the bedroom area. You'll notice some with 2, 3, or 4 slideouts, that niftily expand the squarefootage of the home. These can range in length from 26' to 42' usually. Typically an automobile is towed for touring while the RV is parked. The auto is affectionately known as a "toad".

Class B is a van conversion type of vehicle. While it looks similar to the "soccer mom" type of van they come fully equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom etc. However they don't have the room to move about like the larger brothers "A" and "C". These range in length from 19' to 24' long. Because these little guys don't have much towing capacity, one usually has to unhook from the utilities before embarking on a days outing for sightseeing. Then reconnecting when returning at the end of the day. Some B's tow small trailers with acouple scooters on it for the sightseeing vehicles.

Class C coaches are the mid range of length and comfort in the motorized. Easily distinguished by the "overhang" above the driver cab. Like the A's many C's have slideouts, usually 1, 2 or 3. These typically have powerful engines enough to tow like the A's do. Their length are in the 24' to 32' range.

Towable's have two distinct types, 5th wheel's and travel trailer "box".

5th Wheel is the type we have and is distinguished by the large overhang that fits neatly above the bed of a truck/pickup. These can be very long from 20' to 40' and be fitted with upto 5 slideouts! Many of the luxurious 5th wheels can look like a small apartment, certainly with all the amenities!

Travel Trailers are by far THE MOST popular RV out there on the road today. They're easy to tow with the vehicle a family might already have without buying a heavy-duty one. And all the liveable space is useable.

That's the rundown of the types of RV's, but keep in mind there are various other modifications of these types you'll see. Such as toy hauler 5th wheels or toy hauler Class A. One might also run across an Airstream "tin-can" or a teardrop towable, both fall into the travel trailer style.

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