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Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outdoors. After our morning coffee, Marilyn went to do one load of laundry while I continued to prepare for our move to Branson, MO.

I stowed things in the bed of the truck, using some rope to make sure nothing blows out of the back of the truck during our journey. At one point I had the picnic table covered with stuff, plastic tubs, several empty gallon jugs, a grill, and just what seemed to be junk. It was not a pretty sight!

Gradually everything was put away in the proper place, or at least somewhere that it will eventually be found if I remain diligent in my search. I can see it now: “Now, where did I put that thing?”

I called the DISH network and put our service on vacation status. I have to call back to re-instate the service, once we reach Colorado Springs.

I took the DISH receiver out of the cabinet and will carry it in a seat of the truck. The antenna came apart after I carefully marked the correct elevation and skew for Hannibal. I have it marked for the RGV so I will add Colorado Springs and probably by that time it will be so marked up that nothing will make any sense. :)

I borrowed the heavy duty air compressor from Jeff and aired up all of the tires on the trailer and the truck. I discovered that the Schrader valve was not tight on the left front truck tire, so I used a tool given to me by Jeff to tighten it and we were in business.

Jennifer was here by the time I finished half of my work outdoors so I tried to combine work with a visit for the remainder of the day.

I took a shower at the end of the day and dressed in clean clothing before walking over to the gift shop to say goodbye to the good folks over there. Of course we took Colby along to show him off and he immediately spit up on Linda, who seemed not to mind. She loves little babies and, being married to a retired Doctor, may be used to that sort of thing.

I drove into town to pick up a taco pizza for dinner and we sent the leftovers home with Jennifer.

Marilyn & I are ready to go, although Jennifer cried often in the afternoon, hating to see us leave. We tried to reassure her with promises to return in September, along with lots of hugs and kisses, but she was still crying when she left. We hate that and feel sad also, but we are not changing our mind about going.

Right after she left we had a call from Judy, my sister-in-law, whose son, John is in a special ops unit. She gave us the word that John had been hurt in an accident while training for his next mission. He will be in the hospital for quite some time but is not going to lose his life or his mobility. I think that is all I can say for now. I just ask for your prayers for John. The part that hurts him the most is watching his team deploy without him.

Marilyn & I plan to leave for Branson by 8:00 AM this morning. We hope to be in Branson and all set up by dinner time this evening. Of course the weather forecast for Branson is for thunderstorms today and tomorrow. Sigh.....

I do have more "Colby" pictures to post for you but it will have to wait until we arrive in Branson and find the time to get that done.

Yesterday was an anxious day with several difficult things to deal with, but we have the mutual bond of love holding our family together and we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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