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They tell me it's getting bad

Opps.. I guess it could

Oh, I don't like this

But it's so nice over there

Siren time

It's still beautiful over there

Winds are getting strong

It's getting better

Thank you God... You did good...Again

I don't usually put up two posts in the same day but in the last one I told you about tornado's coming thru the area... We always take these seriously and we kept our eye on the TV all night... Bill left me to go see a Ranger Program but he wasn't gone too long when he phoned me and said to close up the Tana and get to the shelter... I already was on the way after watching TV but as I neared the bathrooms that are the shelters he was waiting for me....

You meet the nicest people during a crisis.... Of course I didn't leave home without my trusty camera and I snapped alot of pictures to show you but back to the nicest people..

One couple that we talked with was really special... The wife was from Quebec City, Quebec and that is one of the places that we plan on spending at least a week during our trip to the Maritime... What a nice family.. We also met a women from Florida that we had a nice conversation with.... We were very lucky again and we did not have any damage except for winds and rain... I know that many other places had a lot of damage....

We are back in our home on wheels and I will put the pictures to show you.... Again, we were very lucky... Thank you God.

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