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We moved from Hinkley to St Cloud, MN on Wednesday…. It should have been about a 60 mile trip but we missed a turn off the freeway and had to go about twenty miles out of our way.. Just goes to show that you should always pay attention to the road signs… Oh well, we had plenty of time and still arrived at our campground before lunch… We chose the St Cloud RV Park because our friends Garry and Jenny will be spending the summer here as work-kampers and we had to be sure it was good enough for them… It sure is…. In fact it is a great campground… If we weren‘t leaving for the summer, we would be very tempted to stay for the season… The rates are right and the town is great…. It is also about ½ way between our kids in the Cities and Bill‘s Mom in Willmar and an easy drive to Duluth too… Oh well, maybe next year…

We spent the day in Willmar (about 50 miles away) yesterday with Bill’s Mom and Sister Elaine and well as Elaine’s husband Arless… It was a lot of meetings and Dr’s visit for Mom but we did all manage to go out to eat together between appointments…. It was great to see them all again but we look forward to the time we can get together without having a schedule to keep….

When we got back to St Cloud, we found Garry and Jenny had arrived and Garry was just setting up his dish for TV….It was so good to see them…. They are the ones that we stayed next to in Yellowstone last year and we haven’t seen them since…

We eventually went out for dinner but the place we had hoped to take them had a 40 minute wait…. It was late and we all were starved so we opted to try a Mexican Restaurant that was close by… Not as good as the Green Mill would have been but it filled us up and Jenny and Garry have five whole months that they can try again….

Much as we would like to stay here longer, we need to get back to St Paul for our 9:00 A.M. appointments tomorrow with the eye doctor so it is back to Lake Elmo for another couple of days… I’ll tell you all about that next time…

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