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In line at the Accadamia


Totally stealth photo! No photos allowed!

Hello All! Meg at the keys!

Last night we got into Florenze, settled into our plush, plush hostel *which is really just a hotel for young uns like us with a restraunt and a bar* and had a good night's sleep. Today we trooped off really early to the Accadamia Gallery. (See photo if its up. Bear in mind there were no photos allowed. period.) We then went to see the various markets all over the city and the basilica (the name eludes me at the moment, i may have a touch of heatstroke) where michaelangelo, galileo and machievelli are all entombed.

Tommorrow we're off really early to the Uffizi gallery and perhaps Chiesa Santa Maria Novella, and of course, more shopping!

Will post more pics later (as promised) but there's quite a line and I think that girl over there will hit me with something large and heavy if I don't give up the computer soon.

Talk to you guys tommorrow!

Meg and Thom

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