Emma & Steve's Big OE 2008 travel blog

Arrived in Ios quite late after taking the ferry from Athens. When we arrived the bar man had lined up shots for everyone to welcome us to the island.

The hotel was really good, nice room, tv, air conditioning and and awesome pool and bar.

On the first day most of us hired scooters as its the easiest wasy to explore the island. It was nuts driving around and I was videoing. We drove about 12 km out to Homers tomb which was a long hot drive as the wind is also hot. That afternoon relaxed at the beach and the poolside at the hotel.

The second day we just did more sunbathing, both getting a nice tan. Did a huge walk which nearlly killed me as it is so god dam hot.

On the last night the hotel put on a huge greek feast and just kept on bringing out more and more food. The greek's know how to eat. We had to tell them to stop. Lots of bread, dip, kebabs, fries and wine. Yummy.

All went for a swim afterwards, and then went into the village to look at the party seen. The streets are tiny. I wouldnt call them streets more like alley ways that have shops and pubs off them.

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