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A tasty beverage and a tasty hookah (thanks hannah). Life is Good!

Yal-Ku Lagoons, a picture just doesnt do it justice.

thats how i look when i havent pooped in a week....

After leaving the ladies at the airport, Rachel and I set off to do some more exploring of Quintana Roo. So after looking through our book we found a nice place called Punta Bete, a small beach below Cancun. Its a great place to spend a few days away from the crowds and tour groups that swamp the rest of this area. We spent two nights at small place called Coco Cabanas. We asked for a cabana away from the street and were given the Cabana number Purple. As it was dinner time, we quickly cooked up some chorizo quesadillas, and busted out the tequila. A few drinks and a hookah later we were ready to go exploring. Turns out that when you go off the beaten path and avoid the major tourist areas, that there aren't many other people around. So we had a few beers with the owner of the place and decided what we were going to do the next day. Yal-Ku is a fresh water system of lagoons that feeds out into the ocean. The crazy thing is that since the fresh and salt water mix here, you can see different salination levels. you can see different currents in the water because some is blurry and some is clear. These lagoons were really beautiful and Rachel got to have her first taste of diving through caves. there are several spots where large rocks have created holes that you can dive through. some only a few feet long and some close to twenty. After watching me a few times Rachel bravely darted through several caverns coming out the other side with grace only a dancer could exhibit. We spent several hours playing around in these pools until both of us were cold, We might have spent a little more time, but a small fish had decided that rachel was in his territory and had started to nip at her, while we were sitting on some rocks trying to warm up. We both decided that it was time for some lunch and a nap, and made our way into Akumal where we had a wonderfully overpriced burrito, and a 5$ beer. The days of being able to send the town scurrying by tossing a handful of coins in the street is officially over. To feel like your really back at home all you have to do is pay 25 bucks for a lobster dinner and 7 for a margarita. Its like you never left San Diego. We cruised back to our cabana and had a great nap, both full and content. I almost feel at this point i should start making up stories of fighting crocidiles or discovering unearthed mayan ruins, but alas the most exciting part of our day is getting bit by little fish that are just trying to protect their home. And while i do feel slightly remorse that our trip doesnt make for more exciting reading, I am very glad that we have managed to stop worrying over normal matters like work and school and are truly enjoying the freedom that having no schedule or timetable affords. We spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool drinking beers, smoking the hookah, and listening to our favorite songs. We both truly loved this little hotel, unfortunately it was a little out of our price range and we moved on in the morning. Ill tell you more about it the next time we get a chance.

safe travels

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