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We spent another day and night with our family on Wednesday….. Early in the day we went to my daughter Coleen’s house and hooked up a printer that we weren’t using anymore… There was nothing wrong with it except that we find ourselves needing a copier many times since we went on the road and it got to be a pain in the neck to go to Fed X/Kinkos all the time so we bought a new one that had the copier and scanner…Anyway, we got our old one all hooked up for Coleen but then we had to go get some ink and paper…You know how that is, one thing just leads to another…. That evening we met Cheryl , Raleigh and Shelby for supper at Famous Dave’s…. If you ever get a chance to try Famous Dave’s for ribs, you are in for a real treat…. Dave is from the Metro Area and has done very well for himself across the USA with his great Bar B Q sauce…..

Thursday we packed up our house and drove 75 miles North to Hinkley, MN….. Hinkley has one of the best RV Parks that we have ever stayed in….. It is the home to Grand Casino Hinkley which is a huge casino and very nice… Great food, lodging, swimming, golf course and entertainment as well as a 5 Star campground…. The area is exactly half way between Minneapolis and Duluth where we spend most of our time while we are in Minnesota…. All sites in the RV Park are 60’ cement with 30/50 amp electric, water and sewer at every site…. If that isn’t enough, listen to the rest…..

Heated water risers

Guest lodge with convenience store , fireplace and laundry facility

Heated pool

Basketball and Volley Ball Courts

Horseshoe pit area


Firepits at each site

Several Deluxe Chalets, including smoking and non-smoking

Pet walking areas and kennels


Cable TV and Free WIFI

Are you ready for the price???? $12.95 per night…. And if that isn’t enough, they give us an Escapees discount so for $11.00 per day we have it all as well as a shuttle that runs 24 hours a day to the casino…. Can you blame us for coming here? Not only all that but when we arrived we found a new business that has been added…. It is a car wash with two stalls for auto’s and two for RV’s… We couldn’t believe it… What a pleasure… They also have on site RV repair…. See what I mean by 5 Star…. Of course it could get to be pretty expensive if we did what they wanted us to do and spent all our time at the casino but Hinkley is too nice of a town to do that….

In days gone by, before freeways, the road from Duluth to Minneapolis was Hwy 61 and almost everyone traveled that main route…. The Greyhound bus made a stop at Hinkley for a bathroom break at Tobies, the local restaurant. Tobies had the best cinnamon rolls you could ever eat… Soon, everyone stopped at Tobies either going or coming and when the Interstate was completed, so was Tobies new restaurant…. It was at least 3 times bigger than the original and already has been added on to several times since…. Several hotels have sprung up around it and the Casino is just two miles down the road…. Wow have things changed… That is everything except the cinnamon rolls at Tobies…. They are still the best and they also have a beautiful bakery where you can find some of the best breads, pies, cookies and rolls you will ever taste…. Just ask me….

This morning we went to Tobies for breakfast…. We don’t go out for breakfast that often because we are not big eaters in the morning but today we waited until about 10:00 and was it ever good….Their special desert today was a rhubarb cheesecake pie… There was no way I could eat that for breakfast but I did buy a piece to go and I am enjoying it as I type this….

When I told Bill that I was going to write my journal, he said “why?, we haven’t done anything”….But we have… Just not what I usually write about…But if you are full-timing in an RV you have to have days that you do laundry, clean the bathroom, change the bedding, scrub and dust just like you do in a brick and stick home…. That is what we have been doing along with some reading and a few naps…. It is wonderful…

I’m glad that we got our of the Metro area though…. There was a tornado that went thru our old house area and the park we planned on going to had hail the size of baseballs….Yup that’s right…. It did tons of damage to homes and even caused some deaths… This year has really produced some awful weather.. It is so sad...

Tomorrow we will go another 73 miles north to my home town of Duluth…. See you there……….

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