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Venice Meg and Thom

Hello Again!

Sorry for the delay. We spent two days in Venice and have now settled down in cozy San Marino. We stayed at a huge hostel in Venice. Have you ever seen 400 teen and twenty-somethings share 3 computers? Even going 24 hours a day the lineup was just too much of a hassle. So you will now be getting a couple updates!

What can I say about Venice...? WOW! It is truly a city of mystique and contradictions.

Tiny, tiny alleyways and gradiose canals. Thye do use cargo trucks to deliver goods, but they come into the city on truck-sized mini-barges! Gondolas are everywhere, and always seem to be in harm's way, and the biggest canals on the edge of the city are the territory of the huge ocean cruiseliners!

Every second store, literally, is either full of handmade Venetian masks or the exclusive and expensive Murano glass creations. We spent most of our time scurrying around the city, taking in the sights, sounds and vibes of Venezia. Our first night we partied in San Marco's square, where the basilica and the snazzy restaurants are, and danced till midnight to all the badns playing there. On our second night we toned it down, instead sitting barefoot on the seawall of the canal with a bottle (or two!) of local Merlot, watching the sun go down over the water.

Our hostel was very nice adnd VERY big. It was in a refurbished original building (perhaps a hospital?) and was right on the canal, right across from St. Mark's. While huge, the hostel was efficiently run and clean, and had a fully-functioning bar right inside!

We did Venice on the cheap, hostelling and eating in piccolo trattorias (small cafes), but it was perfect! I don't think we could have had a better time!

We snapped a lot of photos, and we will post a few of them when we get to our hostel in Florence in a few days (as this particular internet cafe does not have a technologically advanced machine and my camera memory card is huge and takes forever to load). So photos in a couple days, we promise!

In the meantime, we do read the messages left for us (when possible), so keep them coming! Love you guys!

Meg and Thom

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