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Beth, Don's niece

We had a very short drive today to move a little further south. We stopped at the small town of Forsyth (accent on the second syllable). Don's niece lived not too far away and we were going to meet her for dinner.

I would describe our campground as being in a pastoral setting. There was a horse in the pasture directly ahead of us and some cattle on the other side of the small park. It was about 2 ½ mi. off the Interstate so it was very quiet at night. The weather was beautiful. A little warm for Manni because it was humid. But no rain.

Beth Perera, Don's niece, came to meet us and go to dinner at restaurant in Forsyth she had recommended. The place was called Grits. It was very good. Beth recommended the cheesey grits appetizer so I tried it. She was right. I guess I have only had the type of grits served at breakfast which are very bland. These looked like French toast bread sticks with probably a cheesey, crunchy crust on them. I had pecan crusted chicken stuffed with wild mushrooms on a potato patty with goat cheese. Yum! Don had steak and shrimp which he also enjoyed. Manni had some kind of scallops and Rich had blackened salmon. They both said theirs was good too.

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