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Having a red near the pool. As you can tell by the...

Georgie at the top of one of the many waterfalls along the...

Trying a spot of trout fishing on a hike during our stay...

Yep, Georgie and another waterfall.

The Kaaterskills Falls of the Catskills Mountains area, NY.

Was thinking of buying this and doing it up for our travels...

The Villa at Saugerties - a trendy little B n' B we...

After our pleasant, though fairly unspectacular visit to Connecticut, we continued our travels west and were soon back in New York State. As our plans weren’t exactly set in concrete we decided to just drive around until we found a place that looked nice and see how long we stayed. After driving through a few shabby looking towns that we didn’t really fancy getting to know, we eventually came across a small village in the Catskill Mountain region named Saugerties. After checking availability at couple of cheap, chain hotels a few kilometers out of town, we decided to plug the coordinates of a couple B&Bs into our trusty GPS navigator to see what we came up with. After two or three wrong turns (it can sometimes send you to the wrong address) we came to place called The Villa At Saugerties, about 5 or 6 km out of town, in a peaceful rural setting. It was a beautiful old house, with a Tuscan feel about it (so Georgie tells me) and we quickly decided that this is where we’d spend the night. We met with the host, Joseph, who showed us our room and gave us a quick run down of the area. Apparently there was good fishing in the area along with some great places to go and take a hike or jump in a lake.

We had a fairly quiet night and decided over a glass of red that we’d spend the next two nights here as well.

The next morning we were cooked a mighty fine omelet by Joseph before heading out for the day to explore the creeks and waterfalls of the area. Joseph lent me a fishing rod and a box of lures so I could try my luck in some of the small water holes in the area (no luck though).

As you’ll see by the photos, we had a day filled with some great hiking and waterfall scenery.

After a good days sight seeing, we decided to go into town to buy some food to cook back at the villa that night instead of eating out. We also grabbed a couple of bottles of red to get us through the night.

When we got back we poured ourselves a red and went outside near the pool to “chill” out and watch the wildlife for a while. Five groundhogs scattered when we came near and the amount of birdlife around the villa was amazing. There were also many squirrels and chipmunks to watch which are always entertaining.

When Joseph pulled up in his newly acquired $800 Jag he came and joined us. For the next two or so hours we chatted over a few reds, watched the wildlife and shot at empty beer and wine bottles with a BB gun Joseph had found in the shed. A great way to spend the afternoon in the country!

The next day we did more of a driving sight seeing trip instead of on foot. Among other places, we stopped in and had a look around the town of Woodstock - The REAL Woodstock. Even though the actual music festival happened about 40km (or miles?) away in a town named Bethel, the town still lived off this histroy with many remnants of the day still wandering around with greying ponytails and fading tie dyed T-shirts. Even though the use of the peace sign along the streets and in shop windows was a little over done, it was still a pretty cool little town to have a wander around in, man.

Next stop Philly.

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