Entrance sign on the highway

As you turn into the park you see lots of warning signs,...

they have a small challenging mini golf course


That's all the lake there is, small but fun and it has...

In one corner of the lake is this water feature !

It was a long drive, by RV standards, yesterday. Starting out at 9:40, driving 322 miles and parking at this resort at 5:30. The only monotonous part was the freeway part from Greenville, S.C. to Salisbury, N.C. on I-85. Before Greenville we drove the "big red" roads of the countryside. Though alittle slower, by not much, the real United States and it's people and place be seen.

This resort has a small well stocked lake, all fish are to be caught and released back to the lake. They're trying to build up the population of fishes, which include catfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and carp. On a stroll last night near dusk Dave spotted three, size XL carp cruising the shoreline. At first sight, I thought them to be planks of wood floating near the surface, till they moved! Boy am I gonna have fun! ! !

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