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I've read a lot of blogs about Canadians returning to Canada and having to visit doctors and dentists, etc. Now we have found ourselves doing the same and I can see why it always seems like it is a very busy time. We made some appointments before we left Arizona but others had to wait until we arrived 'home' and because of other unforseen events we couldn't really make too many long term plans. Hopefully someday soon we'll be able to slow down a bit :-)

We have a few household items still for sale and someone mentioned a site called It is free to use and we've been getting lots of responses for the things we've advertised. What a great thing the internet is. It really integrates people in a whole new way. Yes, I know the internet has been around for a long time but I must say these new things I find out about from time to time are such a revelation.

Our local RV chapter - Hub City Sams - is getting together this weekend for our first outing of the year. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. We're looking forward to seeing our friends again. We haven't seen any of them since last spring when we originally left the Moncton area. We're all hoping the weather cooperates.

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