Greene County Courthouse downtown Greensboro

Sign pretty much says it all

A view of the Main st.

Main st

One of the old bldgs downtown, there's a walking self guided tour...

The Yesterday Cafe', we had a couple dinners here - fabulous.

Dave worked hard to repair the damage

Can't tell too much of the damage done by the tire tread...

A little of "bondo" and paint it'll be near new

The new steps went easier with the help of son Dave.

Though we didn't have too much time to tour, we did go to downtown Greensboro a couple of times. Cute little old town. It's old, established in 1786 and had trouble with neighboring indians burning the town and other interesting history. Two things to note, first the Yesterday Cafe' is THE best place to eat here and probably for 40 miles roundabout. Next, Ladies passing through must stop and get your hair done at Zapiens Salon, request Norman Zapien. www.zapiensalon.com Becky reports she "new" she was in the hands of THE master the moment he put his hands in her hair! Come to find out, he's worked in NY at two big salons, names escape me right now. When he was done she looked fabulaous, THE best cut she's had EVER ! ! !

As Dave promised for this stop at North Shore RV Resort to get the repairs done on the coach, it's all done! After several days and several parts, the side of the coach looks real good. Alittle "body bondo" and paint it'll look near new! With the exception of some help from son David, Dave did all the body work himself.

Take alook at the pics of downtown Greensboro and the repairs to the coach.

Alot of people ask us, "what are you doing now, since diesel fuel is sooooo high". Well we set alittle longer in one place and don't go out touring as much as we did. Currently diesel in this area is $4.49 per gal. With no end in sight and the threat of fuel going higher. Remember diesel is about .80 to $1 mor per gal than reg unleaded! We'll take progressively tighter measures to preserve our lifestyle and still have fun. We'll be looking for less expensive things to do.

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