The AtmosFEAR

All Christian talked about doing for this 8th birthday was going on the Space Coaster. That's the ride that straps you into a flimsy belt, pulls you up 600ft on a rip cord and then releases you into the atmosphere for a heart pounding ride through the air. Every time we see this ride, Christian begs to go on it. We always tell him no and he gets mad so we finally comprised and told him that for his 8th birthday he could do it. Once his birthday came along it was all he could talk about. We left Philly yesterday and raced to the shore to get him on the ride for his 8th birthday. Unfortunately, with all the traffic on the good ol' Schuylkill we didn't get to the shore until late. We rushed over to Ocean City but the rides were already closed since it wasn't in season yet. Christian was crushed!

So today we woke up and headed to the Wildwood boardwalk in search of the Space Coaster. It was raining off and on and freezing, but a promise is a promise so we hit the boards. We arrived at Morey's Pier and found the blessed Space Coaster. Christian took one look up at the wire that was going to pull him 600 ft up into the air and suddenly he wasn't so brave anymore. He turned ghost white and decided that he really didn't want to ride the Space Coaster after all. He said maybe for his 10th birthday he would give it a try. So after all the rushing to get to the beach, he never went on the ride. Go figure?!?

We decided to make the best of it and let the boys go on the rides. Most of them were closed and it was raining heavier and heavier by the minute. But since we had the pre-season $30 bracelet on each of them, we were going to ride the rides! They ended up riding all the rides and having a good time despite the weather. Daddy was a trooper and rode the scary Haunted House Ride with Dylan and the Noreaster Roller Coaster with Christian. He even took both the boys on the AtmosFEAR. This ride pulls you up 300ft into the air, strapped into a big leather seat. When it gets to the top you are plummeted to the groud at a death defying speed. Christian found it to be awesome and got his space flight in. Dylan said he left his stomach at the top of the ride. Daddy still feels dizzy!

After the rides we ate at a great lobster restaurant and the waiters sang Happy Birthday to the boys. It was a wet and wild day in Wildwood!

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